Melanie Owens

3rd Grade Teacher

336-318-0076 Ext. 62302

Hello! My name is Melanie Owens and I teach the 3rd Grade. This is my 3rd year in education and I am super excited to be on this journey at The Virtual Academy @ Randolph. I am excited to watch your children soar to new heights and reach for the stars!

Voyager Expectations:

  1. Students will attend live classes by joining the Google Meet linked in their Google Calendar. (This INCLUDES their SMALL GROUP TIME!)
  2. Students will be able to complete synchronous and asynchronous activities in a timely manner. 
  3. ATTENDANCE - Students must attend at least half the Google Meet to be present for that class. They join Google Meets through their Google Calendar.  Join this way instead of the Google Meet page to see your entire schedule!   For example, if students join and leave after 5-10 minutes they are absent from that class. If you have a doctor's appointment and were absent, we would need a doctor's note to change your absence to an excused absence. 
  4. TARDIES - If a student chooses to join late - we ask you to PLEASE NOT INTERRUPT -  and to go back and watch the recorded lesson for any missed content.  
  5. SUBMITTING ASSIGNMENTS - Check your share settings. All assignments submitted through Pearson must be ‘shared with Randolph County School System’ in order for your teachers to view your work.
  6. LANDING PAGE - Access and navigate the Pearson landing pages for each of your courses.  - They include cool links and resources to assist you in your classes.
  7. DISCIPLINE - failure to be an appropriate virtual learner may result in the student being removed from the meet. 
  8. WHAT TO DO WHEN TECHNOLOGY FAILS - DO NOT INTERRUPT CLASS - Have the student mute their computer or log out and either restart the computer, check the school how-to page, or call the school.

- use the hand-raising icon                          - use appropriate language 

- use headphones                                           - eliminate background noise  

- CAMERAS ON during instruction           - participate in the lesson

- keep chat box open for content area questions and feedback   

- questions about your grades or attendance should be addressed in an email to maintain your privacy